ecoBright® Pty Ltd is an wholly Australian owned energy saving consultancy based in Melbourne Victoria, operating also in New Zealand and the Pacific Islands. Our Australian operations are coordinated from our office in Essendon Victoria, whilst our New Zealand and Pacific Islands operations are led from Auckland.


We help our customers reduce their energy consumption - and we specialise in lighting technology. Since 2006 we have worked with hundreds of different customers throughout Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific including: Private Corporations, Industry, Hospitals, Government Institutions, Schools and Tertiary Institutions to achieve the best possible outcomes at the lowest cost.

We are retailers and wholesalers of specialised high quality technology and represent well known brands such as ecobulb® and our own brands ecoBright easy save®, ecoPhos® LED and ecoprofile® products. We can help you understand the advantages and disadvantages of any energy reduction solution you're considering and explain it in plain language - so you don't have to be an expert.

We're also an Australian Registered Electrical Contractor (REC 19870) and through our electrical contracting and maintenance business we service the electrical maintenance needs of our client base - so if you require it - we can install your new energy saving technology.


We have a passion and a reputation for helping our customers access low cost effective energy saving solutions to reduce their lighting energy costs. With a combined experience of over 15 years in the energy saving industry we have an insight into what our customers want from our products and therefore market the best solution for application. Our products are tested to ensure they deliver on expectation and performance and they are backed by warranties that are best in class.

Our services are backed by professional and accredited contractors who understand what it means to deliver superior customer service with high quality workmanship.

With ecoBright® products and services you can be assured of value, great service and long term product performance.


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