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Victoria - Footscray


Department of Human Services, 71 Moreland Street Footscray Victoria

Victoria's Department of Human Services (DHS Vic) Footscray offices are now saving energy and showing other government departments everywhere that Save-It-Easy® is a dependable device that delivers impressive energy savings and consistent quality lighting.

          With an installation of over 700 adaptors and lamps the key challenges were to ensure the lighting upgrade was unobtrusive, economical and delivered consistent high quality lighting over an extended period. ecoBright easily met these challenges with DHS Vic staff commenting that the upgrade was "quick and easy", project metrics showed predicted payback as quite economical and once the electronic T5 lamps were installed consistent high quality lighting was apparent.

The DHS Vic Footscray offices also had an unusually high volume of twin 18W T8 lamps in the same fitting - positioned one lamp above the other. Whilst it was not clear why the lamps were positioned this way, the Save-It-Easy® solution enabled one 14W T5 lamp to replace both T8 lamps resulting in a 50% de-lamping to occur per fitting...saving even more energy. The lamp configuration enabled us to show every fitting as if it were fully lamped - this was desirable from an aesthetics point of view.


DHS Vic 36W T8 lamp fitting now fitted with a T5 electronic lamp and the Save-It-Easy® adaptor.

The twin 18W lamp fitting showing the 14W T5 electronic lamp and

Save-It-Easy® adaptor. The larger picture shows the old 18W top lamp still in the fitting.




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