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Tasmania - Hobart


Dept of Infrastructure, Energy & Resources - 10 Murray Street, Hobart Tasmania

When Tony van de Vusse, Director Office of Planning and Energy Conservation the Dept of Infrastructure, Energy and Resources was shown how simple it was to upgrade his existing T8 fluorescent lamps to new electronic T5 lamps using Save-It-Easy® he was wiling to try a pilot installation - on the floor of his office at Murray St in Hobart!

Tony told us that the department wanted to trial the new adaptors and they "...decided that a good way to learn more about (Save-It-Easy®) would be to give them a try for ourselves.  So we bought some high efficiency fluorescent tubes and the Save it Easy® T5 adaptors, and installed them in our offices...what we learnt is relevant to any building relying on a lot of artificial lighting".

For the small pilot area completed payback was 31months, and Tony was delighted in the better lamp life and light quality he got out of the pilot installation. An additional bonus was the 15% delamping which occurred as a consequence of T5 upgrade. Following the upgrade, Tony was happy to recommend Save-It-Easy® saying that "Based on our experience and understanding, we are happy to recommend high efficiency tubes and Save-It-Easy® adaptors as a replacement for the older varieties of fluorescent lighting".


Tony van de Vusse and Mark Oakford, Asset Manager for DIER admire their new electronic T5 lighting courtesy of

Save-It-Easy® adaptors.

As a comparison, the old T8 lamp sits alongside the new electronic T5 lamp, with the Save-It-Easy® adaptor and green replacement starter in picture as well.

A section of the floor where the new electronic T5 office lighting was installed - note the old diffusers simply slot back into the luminaire.

Tony and Mark display a small notice they attached to a sample luminaire in their office advising staff of the lighting upgrade and the savings.


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