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Tasmania - Hobart


Hydro Tasmania - Head Office, 4 Elizabeth Street Hobart Tasmania

Sue Fama is the Manager for Hobart's Hands on Energy Discovery Centre located on the first floor of the Hydro Tasmania Building in Elizabeth Street. ecoBright's Terry Kanellos and Joe Trimboli visited the centre in March 2007 and spotted the excellent lamp display the centre had created to display lamp energy usage and luminosity. The display housed two 18W T8 lamps - showing how different colours could be obtained for the lamps and the watts consumed was measured by watt meter.

Terry suggested one of the 18W T8 lamps be replaced with a GE Starcoat® 14W electronically ballasted T5 fluorescent lamp fitted with Save-It-Easy®. ecoBright® energy solutions donated a lamp and Save-It-Easy® device to the centre and fitted it into the display. 

Imagine the staff's surprise when the Watt meter read 40% less power was being consumed for an equivalent amount of light!!! See the results below and you be the judge...


Hands on Energy Centre

is a part of  Hydro Tasmania Corporation and housed in the

Hydro Tasmania building.

This interesting national electricity pricing grid schematic is constantly monitoring the price of electricity. It is located in the Hydro Tasmania building.

Original 18W T8 lamp alongside 14W T5 lamp fitted with a Save-It-Easy® adaptor. Both T8 & T5 lamps are warm white in colour. See energy consumption information next panel.

Watt meter reading before replacing 18W T8 lamp with 14W T5 lamp and Save-It-Easy® adaptor.

The reading shows a consumption of 30Watts.


Save-It-Easy® adaptor installed into test luminaire at Hands on Energy Centre with T5 14Watt warm white lamp fitted alongside normal 18W lamp.

Watt meter reading after replacing 18W T8 lamp with 14W T5 lamp & Save-It-Easy® adaptor.

The reading shows a consumption of approx. 18Watts...that's a 40% reduction on the original fitting!


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