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Tasmania - Hobart


Hydro Tasmania - Head Office, 4 Elizabeth Street Hobart Tasmania

Hydro Tasmania continued their energy saving efforts by upgrading their basement carpark lighting to T5 lamps using Save-It-Easy® T5 retrofit adaptors to complete the upgrade of 100 lamps in one afternoon. The choice to use Save-It-Easy® in the carpark is not what we would normally consider - as most carparking areas have lights on 24/7 - which lends it to voltage reduction solutions such as Light Eco®.

Management controlled lighting costs in the carpark using a movement sensor which switched off the lamps after a defined period. Voltage controllers are unable to effectively operate with sensors - Save-It-Easy® however, can deliver additional savings as long as certain criteria are followed. The quality of lighting in the carpark area has significantly improved - with substantial savings exceeding the 25% minimum savings guarantee included.


The basement carpark where electronic 28W T5 lamps were installed using

Save-It-Easy® in-line T5 adaptors.

A 28W GE Starcoat™ T5 lamp installed using our Save-It-Easy® in-line T5 adaptor. The picture shows how well the lamp sits centrally in the fitting.

T5 lamps were also installed throughout the maintenance, security and car park entrance areas at Hydro Tas Head Office.

We even got to install electronic T5 lamps above the Hydro Chairman's reserved car spot!


Here we see two 28W electronic T5 lamps installed side-by-side using Save-It-Easy® adaptors. The luminaires had no diffusers making the T5 upgrade quick and easy!

Hydro Tasmania has a variety of fittings at head Office - here's one.

A very happy Phil Heard (Field Officer, Land & Facilities) contemplates the savings being made and poses for a pic with ecoBright's Joe Trimboli


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