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Victoria - Hawthorn


Kevin Sheehan Property Group, 462 Burwood Road Hawthorn Victoria

The building at 462 Burwood Road in Hawthorn is a two storey building that accommodates companies such as the Australian Crohn's & Colitis Association, Donut King Head Office and the Melbrick Design Group. The building's owner wanted to upgrade the lighting as he understood the gains T5 lighting delivered - but with old T8 fittings and ceiling upgrade restrictions due to cost, an economical solution appeared elusive.

          Those clever people at Kevin Sheehan Property Group in Kew linked the owner's needs up with Save-It-Easy® and a simple retrofit to their existing T8 fittings upgraded the building's lighting to electronic T5 lamps. Tenants were surprised at the difference good quality consistent lighting made and ecoBright's staff removed old and flickering lamps and replaced them with new electronic T5 lamps that never flicker! Tenants immediately began saving his a minimum of 25% on the electricity consumed by their lighting and the owner increased his building's green credentials.


Installing Save-It-Easy® adapted electronic T5 lamps into the old T8 fittings - note the green "starters" are also installed.

A final lamp adjustment enables the adaptor to energize and light the electronic T5 lamp in the old T8 housing.

The fitting has now been completely upgraded. Note the lamp orientation - the lamp on the right has the ballast showing whilst the left lamp shows the end connector.



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