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Victoria - Ringwood


Maroondah City Council, Braeside Avenue Ringwood Victoria

The Maroondah City Council (Maroondah) is situated in Melbourne's Eastern suburbs and comprises the well known suburbs of Ringwood, Lilydale, Kilsyth South, Bayswater North and Croydon. Maroondah has been active in saving energy and promoting energy saving technologies to its residents - therefore a lighting upgrade to electronic T5 lighting at its council offices and leisure centre was well in keeping with council policy and formed the basis upon which sustainable energy savings were achieved.

          During the upgrade ecoBright fitters upgraded lighting to standardise to one lamp colour (840 Cool White) and cleaned and properly positioned lamp diffusers. This pilot installation consisted of over 1,000 Save-It-Easy® adaptors and lamps and the savings generated will enable further works to be progressed.

Additionally, the council recycled all it's lamps and was awarded a Recycling Recognition certificate by Advanced Recycling Australasia Pty Ltd - ecoBright's Terry Kanellos was on hand to award Paul Smith, Environmental Planner for Maroondah City Council his certificate...the pictures say it all.


Maroondah's Council Offices at Braeside Avenue in Ringwood. 

The offices have many open plan spaces - good lighting is an integral part of the proper functioning of the office space in the building. Save-It-Easy® has enabled electronic T5 lamps to be fitted into existing luminaires.

Another view of the upgraded space - lighting is uniform throughout and with T5 technology, flicker is a thing of the fast.

Building Services office space - existing luminaires ensure the upgrade is hardly noticed by staff - other than better lighting and no flicker!

The Croydon Leisure Centre was also part of the council's lighting upgrade project.

A hallway inside the Leisure Centre presented an interesting challenge to our fitters. The slope of the inclined floor meant ladders could not be used. An Extended Work Platform was used instead.

Save-It-Easy® adaptors fitted to T5 lamps sit inside a wheelie bin ready for use. Our fitters have found this to be a safe and simple way to transport "primed" lamps when completing large jobs.

A section of luminaires within the Leisure Centre - notice the diffusers which give the impression of being convex in shape...enabling a wider dispersion of light throughout the room.

Our fitter carefully removes the old T8 lamps from the luminaires.

Both lamps now out - the luminaire is ready to be fitted with the Save-It-Easy® adaptor fitted T5 lamps.

The old T8 starters have been removed and replaced with the unique green coloured Save-It-Easy® connectors and now our fitter proceeds to fit the first of the T5 lamps connected to our Save-It-Easy® adaptors.

One T5 lamp in and functioning, the second is now fitted.

Both lamps now fitted and functioning, our fitter checks to ensure each lamp is securely positioned.

Our champion fitters left to right Jamahl and Matt pause for a promo shot - well done boys!

Paul Smith receives his Recycling Recognition award from ecoBright's Terry Kanellos.

Paul Smith takes receipt of additional Save-It-Easy® adaptors and T5 lamps and ecoBright's Joe Trimboli helps him carry them!


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