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Victoria - Southbank


Riverside Quay Car Park, 2 Southbank Boulevard Southbank Victoria

The Riverside Quay Car Park at Southbank is a multi-level car park in the middle of one of Melbourne's most prestigious addresses. It has a single level private car park section and an 8-storey public car park for 560 car spaces, with a total of 750x36W electromagnetically ballasted fluorescent lamps. Leigh Phillips of LGP Electrical had been working with the building owner on electrical maintenance and he took the initiative to present options to reduce the owner's weekly spend on energy for lighting. Leigh investigated the savings other units could deliver but he kept returning to Ilum-A-Lite's voltage controller Light Eco® due to the brand's reliability, reputation and breadth of installations in the marketplace. Leigh contacted us at ecoBright® energy solutions to help him with the energy saving solutions he could present to the owner's management team.

          After an assessment we advised that applying a voltage controller to the fluorescent lamps in the carpark would reduce the owner's lighting energy spend by a minimum of 25% - which we guaranteed in writing and he put that to the owner's management team. His recommendations were accepted and Light Eco® was installed in both car parks. The pictures below show the installation process at the Riverside Quay car park - during a day's observation by ecoBright staff...we tried not to get in Leigh's way!


The pedestrian access to The Riverside Quay Car Park on Southbank Boulevard in Melbourne.

Vehicular access point to The Riverside Quay Car Park - access for both Private and Public car parking is from this point.

Multi-storey car parking at Southbank - the building has 8 levels in total and parking spaces for up to 560 cars.

Inside the public car park.

Preparing a switchboard within the car park to receive the 2 Light Eco® units due for installation.

Leigh positions the first of 2 Light Eco® units on the wall next to the switchboard. Light Eco® should be installed as close to switchboards to reduce cable/ducting needs.

A close up of Light Eco®'s install points - it is essential that only qualified electricians connect up Light Eco® to ensure it complies with regulatory and safety requirements.

Cable from one of the lighting circuits is shown connected into a Light Eco® unit. Units must be loaded to at least 70% of their rated capacity to ensure efficient light energy savings.

Leigh Phillips completes connecting the first of two Light Eco® units due for installation.

With one Light Eco® unit already in place, the second unit awaits connection.

Both Light Eco® units now connected and flexible conduit has been installed. Leigh completes any final cabling work.

Tong testing shows 13.5Amps on the circuit PRIOR to Light Eco® activating economy mode.

Tong testing shows 8.1Amps FOLLOWING Light Eco® activating economy mode.

Another swtichboard on a separate floor of the car park shows a very neat installation of Light Eco® units - well done Leigh!

ecoBright's Joe Trimboli stands by ready to record tong test results as taken by Leigh.

Tong testing shows 14.7Amps on the circuit PRIOR to Light Eco® activating economy mode.


Tong testing shows 8.7Amps FOLLOWING Light Eco® activating economy mode.


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