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Victoria - Moonee Ponds


Moonee Ponds Civic Centre, 9 Kellaway Avenue Moonee Ponds Victoria

Staff at the City of Moonee Valley's (CMV) Civic Centre in Moonee Ponds were pleasantly surprised when new technology electronic T5 lighting was installed into their old T8 fittings courtesy of CMV's own staff and Save-It-Easy® of course!!

          Showing us all just how simple upgrading to new technology electronic T5 lighting can be Coordinator, Facilities Maintenance Operations for CMV, Mr Gordon Lyttle and their own electrician John take a turn at fitting Save-It-Easy® onto electronic T5 lamps preparing them for installation. During the lighting upgrade, John and Gordon replaced amongst other lamps, 58W T8 fluorescent lamps with 35W T5 electronic fluorescent lamps saving as much as 44% of the energy required to power each lamp making their return on investment quite attractive...not to mention better more consistent quality lighting!!


Reception at CMV Moonee Ponds Civic Centre - each luminaire holds 2x58W T8 lamps. Combined with 2x9W ballasts power consumption per luminaire was up to 134W.

Gordon Lyttle shows us all just how simple it is to fit Save-It-Easy® onto electronic T5 fluorescent lamps. Here Gordon fits the ballast onto the lamp.

Gordon fits the end cap onto the T5 lamp. Each replacement T5 lamp was 35W and combined with our ballast energy saving per luminaire was 59W - that's a 44% saving!!

CMV's electrician John fitting the upgraded T5 lamp into the suspended luminaires at reception.

A close-up picture of the upgraded luminaire, here the Save-It-Easy® fitted lamps are clearly visible along with the green starters.

CMV's reception area with the upgraded lighting fully installed a short time later - and a happy staff member.

Community members and staff were unaffected as the no-fuss upgrade occurred - work continued as usual as the lamps were quickly upgraded.

Fittings inside the facilities management office were also upgraded enabling maintenance staff to keep an eye on Save-It-Easy® adapted T5 performance.


John (CMV's electrician) shows us that sometimes the hardest part of the upgrade is actually getting the old lamp out of the luminaire!

The fitting now completely upgraded, John replaces the diffuser.

Here John gives us a quick lesson on luminaires, the red arrows indicate the electromagnetic ballasts; the blue arrow shows a capacitor. Note there is NO need to alter the luminaire in any way when upgrading to electronic T5 lamps with Save-It-Easy®.


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