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Victoria - Ivanhoe East


St George's Church 46 Warncliff Road, Ivanhoe East Victoria

St George's Anglican Church in East Ivanhoe needed to upgrade it's old fluorescent lighting as most of the electromagnetically ballasted 36W & 14W lamps had developed the annoying flickering or had stopped working completely.  

          Enter Joe Saita of Integral Electrical (formerly General Manager of Melbourne Electrical Specialists) - he advised the Vicar of St George's Church, the Reverend Barbara Colliver of a new device that could upgrade his current fluorescent fittings to provide him access to better quality and more consistent lighting - that device was of course our patented in-line T5 adaptor Save-It-Easy®. Challenges with the installation included high ceilings and old fittings...32 devices and lamps were purchased and installed.


St George's Church - East Ivanhoe - our first installation in a place of worship!

Parishioners arriving for a church service at

St George's East Ivanhoe

One of the challenges of the installation - quite high ceilings with restricted access meant an extended work platform was needed.

Removing the old lamp was easy - putting in the new T5 electronic lamp fitted with Save-It-Easy® was Easier!


T5 lamp installed now just need to lower the EWP and check out our handiwork!

The new T5 electronic lamp installed and ready to illuminate the surrounding area!


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