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Tasmania - Hobart


Salamanca Square Car Park  Salamanca Place Hobart Tasmania

The Hobart City Council (HCC) is the local government authority for the City of Hobart, Tasmania’s capital city located on the Derwent River estuary in the south of the island. HCC manages a number of carparks throughout Hobart and the car park at Salamanca Square is located in one of the most iconic areas in Hobart. Salamanca Square is famous for it's cafes and multicultural ambiance as well as the traditional style Sunday morning market which makes it a very popular tourist attraction and busy community hub right in the centre of Hobart.

          The challenge with our proposal to the HCC was to save them a minimum of 25% of their existing electricity consumption and install Light Eco® quickly and efficiently with a minimum disruption to the public. As Light Eco® is so easy to install, it took HCC's own electricians just under 20mins to complete the basic connecting and installation work whilst we were there.


Installing Light Eco®

is easy, here

Lyndon Sirgunas of

Gary Cannan Electrical Services Hobart completes

the physical mounting

& sighting for each of the

3 Light Eco® boxes to be installed.

A shot of the switchboard showing all 3 Light Eco®

units in place awaiting connection.  Note, Light Eco® does not need to be mounted inside the switchboard - therefore installation is easier and unrestricted.

Lyndon and an apprentice complete running conduit

to each of the Light Eco® 

units and begin identifying

the light circuits in the switchboard to enable

circuits to be combined.

With circuits known & Tong testing completed, the units are connected & post connection Tong tests are done. Lyndon asks his apprentice - "...are you sure it was 12.5W before we connected it, because now it reads only 8.1W!!"

The finished job showing all 3 Light Eco®  units mounted and connected to the lighting circuits in the electrical switchboard.

Close up shot showing how neat and unobtrusive the

Light Eco®  units are when completely connected.

Second floor installation showing another neat and unobtrusive Light Eco® installation - safe, vandal proof and quietly saving a minimum of 25% energy.

Wider shot of the second floor installation - another great example of

Light Eco®  being easy to fit and saving a minimum of 25% - guaranteed!! 


A shot of the inside of the Salamanca Square Car Park. With 2 levels of lighting and energy usage savings of up to 30% .

"OK where's the next job..." Lyndon leaves Salamanca Square Car Park for his next job - impressed with the savings generated by Light Eco® and the ease of installation.


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