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Tasmania - Devonport


TAFE  Devonport Tasmania

Jason Bell is the Facilities Manager for TAFE at Devonport in Tasmania. ecoBright's Terry Kanellos and Joe Trimboli visited TAFE Devonport in March 2007 and Jason purchased 40 Save-It-Easy® devices and the equivalent number of GE Starcoat® T5 fluorescent lamps.

To demonstrate the ease in which Save-It-Easy® adapted T5 lamps can be installed into existing electromagnetically ballasted T8 fittings - we encouraged Jason to try his hand at fitting one lamp and from the pictures below - he was pleasantly surprised!

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"Thanks for your support!!"

ecoBright's Joe Trimboli

shakes the hand of

TAFE Tasmania's Jason Bell

following the purchase of

Save-It-Easy® T5 adaptors.

Bulk purchase box of

10 Save-It-Easy® T5

retrofit adaptors.

 Jason is all smiles

as he receives the new

Save-It-Easy® energy saving T5 retrofit adaptors from ecoBright's Joe Trimboli.

Jason shows us how simple it is

to install electronic T5 lamps into the existing T8 luminaries at TAFE Devonport - when the lamps are fitted with

Save-It-Easy®  T5 adaptors.

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Just a little push to make sure the Save-It-Easy® adapted

T5 lamp is firmly in place before we switch the light

back on.

Following a quick clean,

Jason fits the diffuser to finish the job.


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