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Victoria - Footscray Park


Victoria University, 227 Ballarat Road, Footscray Park Victoria

Victoria University's (VU) motto "A New School of Thought" really says it all - after what was a request from the University to meet with their energy management project team member at their Werribee campus, ecoBright® helped VU staff realise the benefits that new electronic T5 lighting fitted with Save-It-Easy® adaptors deliver. Lower energy costs, better more consistent lighting, quick and easy installation, no mess and no flicker - the staff at Vic Uni quickly grasped the significance of the savings we showed them were possible once they implemented our recommendations.

          VU also experimented with different rates of de-lamping - this is where a proportion of lamps are removed from luminaires as light levels improve due to better lamps being used. T5 lamps have a lower degradation rate 5-10% lumen loss, than T8 lamps up to 30% loss. VU found they could delamp and easily maintain their target light levels.


With a State Government grant to implement proven energy saving initiatives, our 25% minimum savings written guarantee, and knowing that Save-It-Easy® had already sold over 40,000 adaptors in Australia by that stage, VU were keen to roll out the Save-It-Easy® solution at each of their campuses. To date over 10,000 adaptors and lamps have been installed and VU has so far saved themselves 11% off their Total Energy bill - as a result each year VU adds more devices at other locations.

See the Case Study for more


Ana Rafetto one of the key members of Victoria University's energy saving project implementation team shows off her new T5 electronic lighting - courtesy of Save-It-Easy®.

A close up of the fittings in the hallway. Some have been de-lamped and with the diffusers in place, it's hard to tell which fittings have only one lamp in them.

The light fittings in VU's Common Room at Footscray Park upgraded with diffusers in place. VU found they could de-lamp at a rate of between 20-40% in some places.

A close-up shot of the luminaires in the Common Room - delamping rates in this room were between 25-40%.

The VU canteen where    de-lamping of 20% also occurred - note the diffusers ensure no unsightly gaps in the luminaires can be seen.

An upgraded tutorial room where de-lamping of 20% also occurred.

Ana shows off her favourite room.

Ana and Geoff Smith from the project team are all smiles for the camera.


The project team at VU Footscray Park, Left to Right: Glen Oxley, Ana Rafetto, Geoff Smith and Sue Teh.



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