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Victoria - Sunshine


Salvation Army Westcare Services, 34 Devonshire Rd Sunshine Victoria

Westcare is a major provider of placement and support services for children and young people in the Northern and Western region of Melbourne. Funding for programs is drawn from the Dept of Human Services (VIC), The Salvation Army's Red Shield Appeal and the generous support of various donors.  

          The Westcare Centre in Devonshire Road Sunshine is a two storey building with various open plan spaces throughout and independently switched lighting in offices surrounding the open plan areas. Westcare began an energy saving program where a pilot number of T8 electromagnetically ballasted fittings were retrofitted with Save-It-Easy® inline T5 adaptors and electronic T5 lamps. As a comparison they were keen to see how T5 lamps performed in their fittings - alongside their existing T8 lamps. Westcare management were keen to save energy but the case also had to stack up from an economics perspective. Whilst the pilot installation is still being evaluated, indications to date have been quite positive!


The office block at

34 Devonshire Rd Sunshine - the office consists of modern T8 fittings in good condition - perfect for a T5 electronic lamp upgrade using Save-It-Easy®

Ground floor signage at Westcare.

The entrance at Westcare - luminaires can be seen at top.


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