Sunnyheat® Infrared Heat Panel

Sunnyheat IR Panels and Bikram Yoga – the perfect partnership click here

So many others are enjoying the benefits of Sunnyheat® Infrared Heat Panels - take a look at our video presentation below and see the benefits of switching to Infrared heating.

Sunnyheat® Infrared Heat Panel Specifications

Available Panel Sizes


Panel Maximum Heat Power


Suitable for Room Size

(sq. metres)

Sunnyheat® Infrared Heat Panel Type


Standard Mirror Premium Picture Colour Custom
600 x 300 500


n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a

Product Brochure

900 x 300 750


n/a n/a
1200 x 300 1000


1500 x 300 1250 12 n/a n/a n/a
600 x 600 1000


900 x 600



1200 x 600 2000 21

Sunnyheat® Panel

Infrared Temp. Controller

Sunnyheat® Panel

LED Backlight Option


1. Circular ray symbol indicates Panel Type and size available for purchase in Australia.

2. Infrared Temperature Controller is mandatory for all panels.

3. Panel LED Backlight is an optional feature available for all available panel types and sizes.

4. Once panel type and size has been chosen - call your nearest ecoBright® office for latest pricing - volume discounts also apply.

5. All Panels are covered by a 10 year limited warranty.

6. Australian panel to room size recommendations are suitable for local conditions and will be different to those quoted in Europe - ensure you choose the right panel size for your specific application,

    please call your nearest ecoBright office for assistance.

Look at who is using Sunnyheat® Infrared Heat Panels !

Customer Name & Details


Customer: Bikram Yoga Hellerup, Denmark - Bikram Hot Yoga classes increase the benefits gained by combining exercise and meditation under heat provided by Sunnyheat Infrared Panels. Each 2kW panel provides the target Hot Yoga exercise temperature of 35-40°C over approximately six (6) square metres of floor-space.

Continuous Radiant Heat. Sunnyheat® Infra Red panels deliver a continuous radiant heat for the entire duration of the class and is ideal for Hot Yoga. The Infrared Sensor Temperature Controller (ISTC) controller which is not a thermostat but instead an advanced technology temperature gauging device, accurately samples room temperature controlling the Infra Red panel to deliver continuous heat reducing heating costs in the studio to a much greater extent when compared to competitor products.

Customer Satisfaction. Our Hot Yoga customers enjoy the continuous heat from Sunnyheat® Infra Red panels, and our international associates have received feedback from a number of Yoga instructors who have tried different studios, and also a number of different panels and they are very pleased with and recommend Sunnyheat Infra Read panels.

Never off - always on. Sunnyheat® Infra Red panels deliver continuous steady heating and are never on or off but always “on” due to the high technology controller (ISTC) and the way it samples room temperature, meaning continuous direct Infrared rays steadily, safely and comfortably heat students in Bikram Hot Yoga classes.

Competitor panels controlled by a thermostat however, will turn “off” when they reach the set temperature in the room. Our competitors therefore do not provide continuous steady heat...with Sunnyheat Infra Read panels controlled by the ISTC controller, Yoga instructors confirm the continuous heat felt from the Infrared rays on their body making for a more complete and relaxing session.

Economical to Run. We recognise the importance of providing customers with absolute control when it comes to minimising daily running costs, the advanced German technology of Sunnyheat® Infra Red panels enable customers 100% control of the costs.  This is a key decision factor when Hot Yoga studios are evaluating which panels are suitable for their specific applications.

Easy to Pre-Program by PC. Pre-programming is another feature offered by Sunnyheat® Infra Red panels - studio owners can enter the days and classes into an easy to use control interface through their PC, (an optional extra) enabling greater control over panel activation and ensuring it coincides with class times.

Sunnyheat® Infra Red panels versatile, safe to use, economical to run and recommended by experts - the ideal way to keep warm this winter!







How to Order the right Sunnyheat® Infrared Heat Panel

Determine room size in Square metres

Determine Sunnyheat Panel size

Determine required Sunnyheat Panel options

Call ecoBright® on 0393310027 to order


Sunnyheat® Infrared Heat Panel Range - Product information

Sunnyheat® Infrared - Standard - Heat Panels

Sunnyheat® Standard Infrared Heat Panels are supplied with an off-white tempered glass surface and polished aluminium frame.

Sunnyheat® Infrared - Mirror - Heat Panels

Sunnyheat® Mirror Infrared Heat Panels are supplied with a tempered mirror glass surface and polished aluminium frame.

Sunnyheat® Infrared - Premium - Heat Panels

Sunnyheat® Premium Infrared Heat Panels are supplied with a tempered textured or single colour diamond glass surface and premium powder coated finished aluminium frames in either black, white or brown.

Sunnyheat® Infrared - Picture - Heat Panels

Sunnyheat® Picture Infrared Heat Panels are supplied with a tempered clear diamond glass surface and an aluminium frame featuring a photo print from our standard range.

For personalised product please choose from our Custom Panel range below.

Sunnyheat® Infrared - Solid Colour - Heat Panels

Sunnyheat® Solid Colour Infrared Heat Panels are supplied with a tempered solid colour textured or diamond glass surface and premium aluminium powder coated finished frame from our list of available colours.

See the colour chart here

Sunnyheat® Infrared - Custom - Heat Panels

Sunnyheat® Custom Infrared Heat Panels are supplied with an image of your choice, in clear diamond glass and either aluminium or premium powder coated finished frames in a colour of your choice from our colour chart.

See the colour chart here


1. Panels are made in Germany and delivery times vary based on local stock levels. Please allow up to 8 weeks delivery for custom panels and picture panels.

2. Pricing will vary with volume purchases and discounts apply - please contact your nearest ecoBright office for details.



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