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ecoBright® ecobulb®

The ecoBright® ecobulb® range - making light work of energy savings!



ecoBright® ecobulb® Nano Range is a range of the highest performing Compact Fluorescent Lamp (CFL) products available today.

With no free mercury content, a smaller more compact size, high power efficiency, a 2 year warranty and some of the longest performing CFL's on the market, ecoBright® ecobulb® brings clean, efficient light to any application where energy savings go hand in hand with clever design and good looking lamps and fittings.

Product Range

Scan our product range below and click on each picture for more information.

Downlight Kits

Downlight 12V Halogen replacements

Replacement bulbs

Covered CFL Bulbs

Spiral CFL Bulbs

High Power CFL Bulbs


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