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RSK™ Reflectors

ecoBright® RSK™ Reflectors



The ecoBright® RSK™ Reflector range is an innovative and effective range of specular parabolic reflectors mounted on linear fluorescent lamps, to enhance light performance and energy saving with narrow or wide light beam and adjustable direction.

The ecoBright® RSK™ Reflector range is made in Europe under an ISO9001 Quality accredited manufacturing process from advanced materials and to exacting performance standards.

ecoBright® RSK™ Reflectors deliver premium performance and will enhance the output of any linear fluorescent lighting system to ensure light is delivered where it's needed.

Product Range

The ecoBright® RSK™ Reflector range is application specific and helps to ensure the right product is specified depending on the height of the lamp and luminaire for each and desired result.

There are three ecoBright® RSK™  Reflector types in the range available as:


Product Description Feature Application

  ecoBright® RSK™ Reflector

narrow beam

  for T5 & T8 lamps for installations at heights

  greater than 5m

  ecoBright® RSKE™  Reflector

wide beam

  for T5 & T8 lamps for installations at heights

  between 3 - 5m

  ecoBright® RSKN™  Reflector

ultra wide beam

  for T5 & T8 lamps for installations at heights

  less than 3m


a. Greater Light Reflectivity - the parabolic and catoptrical surface results in a greater light reflectivity compared to common traditional reflectors made from white ironsheet or aluminium,

b. Versatile and suitable for all installations - the shape of the ecoBright RSK reflectors makes them suitable for both new and existing fluorescent lamp installations,

c. Lightweight and flexible - 50% lighter than traditional aluminium reflectors and 85% lighter than reflectors made from white ironsheet,

d. Saves energy - can be used in conjunction with delamping to save up to 30% energy,

e. Lamp specific - enables lamps in a common fitting to direct light to where the user needs it,

f. Corrosion resistant - the catoptrical layer of vapourised aluminium protects the reflector from corrosion due to moisture or chemicals and it retains its reflection capability for many years, even in environments where pollution or low maintenance is a factor,

g. No effect on CRI - does not suffer iridescence due to refraction as is the case with aluminum and therefore does not affect the Colour Rendering Index,

h. Enhanced flammability protection - the material used in manufacture is UL listed according to UL94 VTM-2 and is heat resistance to 130°C;

i. Enhances Lighting System aesthetics - a unique aesthetic outcome is achieved as even simple luminaires are converted into an interesting visual fitting of high performance.


Installing the ecoBright® RSK™ reflector is a simple matter of removing the fluorescent lamp from the luminaire, sliding the lamp into the reflector and then replacing the lamp/reflector assembly back into the luminaire.


The ecoBright® RSK™ reflector range comes with a standard global 3 year warranty.


The ecoBright® RSK™ reflector range is manufactured in a state of the art facility located in Europe, under a manufacturing process accredited to International Quality Standard ISO 9001.

ecoBright® energy solutions are exclusive suppliers of the ecoBright® RSK™ reflector in Australia and sole distributors in New Zealand and the Pacific Islands.


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