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News 2008

ecoBright® highlights for 2008!

Customer references for individual news items are available - please ask your ecoBright® contact for details.

December 2008

La Trobe University use Save It Easy® to access savings

Following on from the April installation at La Trobe University's  Bendigo campus, staff at La Trobe's Bundoora campus worked with ecoBright® to secure substantial savings on the energy used by their lighting, installing over 1,000 T5 lamps using the Save It Easy® T5 adaptor system.

An installation where test, measure and verify performed by the University featured heavily, La Trobe facility management was very pleased with the results and will continue to work with ecoBright® to secure even greater gains in the future.

See our Case Study for more

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ecoBright® and University of the Sunshine Coast - partners in sustainability and energy savings

University of Sunshine Coast (USC) is located on Queensland's  stunning sunshine coast, with beautiful beaches and a warm inviting climate all year round. The campus at USC is a wildlife reserve, with open study spaces, modern facilities, cafes, an art gallery, award winning library and a wide choice of sporting facilities. The campus has been recognised nationally and internationally with over 30 awards for construction, architecture and environmentally sustainable design.

It's little wonder therefore with such an emphasis on the environment and sustainability, why USC chose ecoBright® T5 adaptor technology to help them gain sustainable and real energy savings in their lighting. In addition to the savings gained, USC simultaneously upgraded to the most efficient commercially available fluorescent lighting recognised by the Australian Green Building Council.

See our Case Study for more

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Mary MacKillop Catholic Regional College Leongatha saves energy with Light Eco® Plus voltage reduction technology

Mary MacKillop Catholic Regional College (CRC) Leongatha is a secondary co-educational Catholic school located in the eastern region of Victoria. Mary MacKillop CRC is a school that's very serious about saving energy and demonstrating sustainable practices to its staff and students. They recently installed up to 20 energy controllers throughout the college underlining the college's commitment to energy savings.

Ms Helen Orr - Operations Manager with the college was quite happy with the estimated energy savings that spanned throughout the main areas of the college: Staff Room, Classrooms, Gym, Music and Drama rooms. "We were very pleased with the savings and very impressed with the customer service that ecoBright provided".

The school itself completed a local document on this project which was sent around the college - it's reproduced here for further information.

See the college's summary of this project here

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MEM Maintenance Services take ecoBright® technology to Brisbane and use Save It Easy® to access savings

Brisbane based company MEM Maintenance Services (MEM) offers a 24Hour service to the Hotel, Apartment and Body Corporate industries, including the Private sector. MEM offers a full range of top quality services from its core business of Electrical Maintenance to its many Trade Services.

MEM chose to use ecoBright's T5 adaptor Save It Easy® as the application was so simple to understand - and the savings had been proven over and over again.

We look forward to working with MEM for more years to come.

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November 2008

VicRoads on track for energy reductions with Save It Easy®

VicRoads is a Victorian state government enterprise that supports Victoria’s livability and economic prosperity by planning, developing and managing the arterial road network and delivering registration and licensing services. 

When VicRoads contacted ecoBright® through Project Manager Peter Holmes, we were delighted to speak with them and demonstrate the savings that could be achieved through both ecoBright's T5 adaptor technology and energy controller technology.

Peter gave us an insight into why VicRoads selected ecoBright. "We were looking at lighting as a way of reducing our energy consumption and we had tested a number of T5 adaptor kits...including the fitting within fitting or piggy back adaptors". "We found the quality of ecoBright's adaptor to be superior to the others...and performance was above that promised".

See our Photo Gallery for more

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McKenzie Hall uses ecoBright's Light Eco® Plus energy controller to reduce energy costs in the bulky goods retail homemaker sector

McKenzie Hall is a market leader in the provision of retail property services to the bulky goods retail homemaker centre sector and the only specialist company in Australia focusing solely on this property sector. Active in a number of States throughout Australia, McKenzie Hall is a niche service provider in the bulky goods retail sector. McKenzie Hall's team are highly regarded, experienced people with a strong service ethic and a focus on long term relationships and results.

Working with market leaders like McKenzie Hall is something ecoBright® staff really enjoy doing. Similar to McKenzie Hall's objectives, ecoBright® also focuses on developing long term relationships with its customers.

In this specific project we provided energy saving opportunities in the form of our Light Eco® Plus energy controllers. The savings promised were exceeded and McKenzie Hall's customer is now enjoying good looking energy saving lighting in their retail space.

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October 2008

ecoBright® opens New Zealand Head Office in Auckland

On October 1st, 2008 ecoBright® New Zealand opened its doors for the first time - operating out of Birkenhead in Auckland's North Shore.

With a full-time staff of one namely Joe Trimboli as GM Asia-Pacific, this fledgling company hopes to provide New Zealanders with the benefits of new technology and more economical options in the drive to save energy.

"Our aim is simple" says Joe, "...make advanced, more reliable energy saving technology available to New Zealanders...". "We've had so many enquiries from our kiwi cousins we couldn't continue to operate from across the Tasman, we were keen to come over and establish a presence...".

The response and interest so far has been of real benefit and ecoBright® New Zealand is continuing to engage the industry and thye community. More to come - we'll keep you posted.

See the NZ newsletter section for more

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Hydro Tasmania continues to invest with ecoBright®


Just how reliable is ecoBright's T5 adaptor kit Save It Easy® ?? Have a chat to Phil Heard Building Services Officer for Hydro Tasmania in their Hobart Head Office...he'll tell you.

He should know, he's been investing in ecoBright's T5 adaptor technology since 2006 and he's a big supporter. "As a generator, wholesaler and distributor of electricity, we have a responsibility to reduce our energy consumption and we've proved that lighting is an easily accessible area for savings". "The savings we get from using ecoBright's technology has been measured...we're impressed by the results and ecoBright's customer service is spot on", Phil advised.

We hope to keep exceeding Hydro Tasmania's expectations and look forward to many more years of service to them.

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AWM Doncaster sells energy savings with Save It Easy®


ecoBright's T5 adaptor kit Save It Easy® is now creating quite a stir with more and more customers and facility management departments asking for it by name.

AWM Doncaster is the latest wholesaler to sell our product and their customer asked for it by name! "We had to check it on the net as we had never heard of such a device..!!" the staff at AWM Doncaster advised when they contacted us to purchase the product.

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September 2008


Jones Lang La Salle & Industry Super Property Trust upgrade to electronic T5 lamps with ecoBright's T5 adaptor

ISPT - Industry Superannuation Property Trust


When the facility management people at Jones Lang LaSalle (JLL) saw ecoBright's T5 adaptor Save It Easy® - they refused to believe that upgrading to new technology T5 fluorescent lamps could be so simple.

So we asked them to let us upgrade JJL's own facility management office and they agreed! ecoBright's Directors Joe Trimboli and Terry Kanellos arrived at the Melbourne downtown office for JLL and promptly upgraded their office lighting to T5 technology...we even invited JLL staff to do it themselves!

After a brief period where the newly fitted T5 lamps were measured, tested and verified for the energy savings we claimed...JLL went ahead with an order for a T5 upgrade for the iconic Melbourne GPO managed by the well known property trust company ISPT.

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ecoBright® now in Western Australia through Concept Cabling


ecoBright's energy controller Light Eco® Plus is now in Perth courtesy of local electrical company Concept Cabling Services. Director Troy Harvey sought our reliable controller for the QV1 building in Perth and ecoBright® staff in Melbourne immediately responded.

The Light Eco® Plus units were used to upgrade older generation controllers which had since lapsed on warranty and to increase reliability. We're looking forward to doing more in WA with Troy and his company.

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National Australia Bank install Save It Easy® courtesy of Rexel


Rexel is a world leader in the distribution of electrical parts and installation equipment and operates in every state of Australia. Rexel prides itself in being capable of supplying its customers with the latest in a diversified range of products and services. Enter the National Australia Bank (NAB)  an established Rexel customer and energy conscious bank seeking ways to reduce energy consumption and decrease operating costs.

When Rexel contacted ecoBright® to ask about our T5 adaptor kit, we were keen to help present the solution to a very skeptical yet interested Rexel technical department. Demo completed and savings yet again tested and verified, Rexel immediately installed over 300 adaptors into a branch of the NAB in Melbourne. 

The results? A saving of at least 25% of the energy used by the previous lamps, better flicker free lighting and longer periods of maintenance free service.

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August 2008


Monash University completes Save It Easy® pilot installation


Monash University in Caulfield had to reduce its energy consumption - facility management staff saw an opportunity present itself through the lighting it ran on its campus - but how best to reduce energy and minimise up-front costs??

What began as an exercise in energy reduction saw the university pit three different T5 adaptors against each other only to see ecoBright's T5 adaptor Save It Easy® come out head and shoulders above the others - in terms of performance, ease of fit and just as importantly...reliability.

Out of a trial size of 300 adaptors, the ecoBright solution reported NO failures, whilst the others reported an average failure of 5% immediately after installation.

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July 2008


South Australia now on-track to save energy with Laser Electrical and ecoBright's T5 adaptor Save It Easy®


ecoBright's T5 adaptor, Save It Easy® has finally hit streets of Adelaide thanks to efforts of Gary MacDougall and his team at Laser Electrical in the southern Adelaide suburb of St Marys.

Gary installed a pilot quantity of adaptors for a customer and his installation was our FIRST in the City of Churches.  Thanks Gary...we look forward to many more!

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June 2008


CB Richard Ellis install Save It Easy® in QV1 Building Perth, WA


Following CBRE's evaluation of Save It Easy® back in January 2008, QV1 Building Services Management installed a small pilot T5 upgrade in Queen Victoria Building 1 at 250 St George's Terrace in Perth, Western Australia.

With this pilot installation, ecoBright® had finally made it to WA and we celebrated by ensuring CBRE WA had our complete support for the trial they wished to run. Management wanted to show tenants that easy gains in energy reduction were possible and lighting was one of the areas called "low hanging fruit".

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Maroondah City Council installs ecoBright's Save It Easy® and Power Factor improves immediately!


When Phil Pomaroff - Senior Energy Engineer for Genesis Now called to meet with us at Maroondah City Council, it was clear that this project would be subject to the most stringent energy saving criteria possible.

Any energy saving technology installed at Maroondah council had to be strictly checked: for electronic compatibility (i.e. EMC approved), their safety requirements, meet or exceed manufacturer's energy saving performance claims and be reliable...ecoBright's performance guarantee whilst noted, set the benchmark for the minimum acceptable standard.

As a further challenge, some staff at the council had expressed reservations at using ecoBright's T5 adaptor Save It Easy®, as it was "...new technology...as yet unproven..." - the 25% minimum savings guarantee, 2 year warranty, Customer Case Studies, Customer Testimonials and the opportunity to ask questions of previous customers, gave council the confidence to begin a small pilot installation.

Genesis Now completed the measurement, testing and verification of the savings generated by this trial and reported the following:

  1. That power factor immediately and significantly improved upon installation of the ecoBright® T5 adaptor, and

  2. Savings well exceeded the 25% minimum guaranteed by ecoBright®.

Maroondah Council's staff were so impressed by the results, that rollout of a major installation began not only at the council, but also at the nearby council operated Croydon Leisure Center over a period of 4 days where just under 1,600 lamps were upgraded.

The council met it's electronic lighting upgrade needs at a fraction of the cost and much less disruption than they would have spent removing their current fittings and installing new ones.

See our Photo Gallery for more

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May 2008


City of Sydney upgrades Town Hall House with Save It Easy®


The City of Sydney knows all about the challenges that face a vibrant growing city that's one of the top 12 most livable cities on the planet. When they then contacted an ecoBright® partner company to express an interest in helping to reduce energy consumption within the CBD asset base, we were delighted to help.

Through leading Sydney Sustainable Design Engineering Consultancy Cundall Pty Ltd, Save It Easy® was selected to upgrade all fluorescent lighting in the council owned 23 storey building known as Town Hall House. This property was chosen by the City of Sydney facility management staff as it represented an ideal opportunity to test, measure and verify the savings possible through the useful metering already present.

Additionally, this project was completed in much less time and disruption than would take to remove all the fittings, reposition the ceiling grids, clean the resulting mess and install new fittings. The work was completed with no disruption to staff, no mess and minimal waste.

The project saw an investment of approximately A$150,000 for a yearly return of A$86,000 - yielding a return on investment of 57.3% or a simple payback of 23 months.

See our Case Study for more

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Victoria University and ecoBright® a partnership in savings


With additional Save It Easy® kits continually being installed into other areas of the Victoria University conglomerate at all campuses throughout Melbourne, we estimate that each year over 350 Tonnes of Greenhouse Gas (CO2e) has been prevented from entering the atmosphere.

"The association between ecoBright and Victoria University is more of a partnership in energy savings...", said Terry Kanellos Managing Director of ecoBright Pty Ltd.

"Our experience and association with a major institution like Melbourne's Victoria University underlines the importance of product performance and reliability. Victoria University were our first major customer in 2006 purchasing over 10,000 ecoBright® T5 adaptor kits then and they continue to buy as a strong supporter of our products".

See our Photo Gallery for more

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ecoBright® a clear winner for the Victoria Police


When ecoBright® staff visited the World Trade Centre (WTC) building in Melbourne's CBD, we could not have foreseen the enduring association we enjoy with the energy management staff of the Victoria Police (VICPOL).

Members of VICPOL's Energy Management branch had seen ecoBright's T5 adaptor Save It Easy® in their offices at WTC and were keen to discover more about them. The WTC Save It Easy® kits were installed by the Asset 1 facility managers and VICPOL staff wanted to try the adaptor out for themselves.

The Victoria Police Academy a heritage building classified with the National Trust and located in Glen Waverley, was chosen as the pilot install location. Results of the pilot installation once again supported the contention that ecoBright's T5 adaptor is a reliable and low impact energy saving partner for organisations looking to upgrade to modern electronic T5 technology and seeking alternatives to removing and installing fittings by traditional methods.

With over 1,200 fittings installed, an energy saving measurement program is now in place and Save It Easy® will feature in VICPOL's energy saving strategies for some time to come.

See our Photo Gallery for more

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April 2008


La Trobe University Bendigo improves lighting and saves energy with ecoBright® T5 adaptor Save It Easy®


The Residents at La Trobe University's Bendigo campus now have better and more efficient lighting thanks to Save It Easy® and campus Facility Management staff. David Holmes, campus Facility Manager saw an opportunity to save energy and save money whilst upgrading his existing lighting at a fraction of the cost replacement fittings and lamps would normally cost.

After the installation, David was full of praise saying that "...upgrading to T5 lamps was a no brainer..." and that ecoBright had helped them do this at an economical price.

Read the whole story here

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Honeywell Hobart upgrades to T5 using Save It Easy®


Upgrading to new technology T5 lighting was a simple decision for staff at Honeywell's Tasmanian office in Hobart. Reacting to an initial meeting with ecoBright's Terry Kanellos and Joe Trimboli, Honeywell installed ecoBright's T5 adaptor Save It Easy® and lamps in their Derwent Park office in Hobart Tasmania.

After a rigorous trial, the entire office was completed - from what we hear they really like their new lighting!

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City of Melbourne Sustainable Living in the City project reports big savings and consistent lighting with ecoBright's Light Eco®


Four high rise apartment buildings were assessed as pilot energy saving strategies by the City of Melbourne Sustainable Living in the City (SLIC) project group after they installed ecoBright®'s Light Eco® voltage reduction units in each building's car park.

Peter Bone Managing Director of Bone Electrical praised the voltage reduction devices as "...reliable, easy to install and my customers are impressed by the energy savings...for no noticeable drop in light levels".

A more detailed article was written by the SLIC people and it is available at the link below.

Read the whole story here

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March 2008


TAFE Tasmania - Devonport continues to save with ecoBright's T5 adaptor - Save It Easy®


Who would have predicted that a brief meeting and presentation back in March 2007, would begin as association with TAFE Tasmania that would continue to see real savings generated day after day - so much so that management at the Devonport campus continues to use Save It Easy® to help it meet its energy saving aspirations.

          Facilities staff reported that the single two biggest influencers in their purchasing the Save It Easy® solution were the cost and ease of upgrade to electronic T5 lighting. Using their existing fittings, management explained "...the whole thing seemed clever to us and the cost of upgrade was the key...". When compared to traditional upgrades to T5 technology where the entire fitting is replaced, Save It Easy® represents great value and convenience.

See our Photo Gallery for more

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ecoBright's T5 adaptor - Save It Easy® still a favourite with the City of Moonee Valley


The City of Moonee Valley is renown for its beautiful gardens and parks and Moonee Ponds - the heart of this Melbourne suburb - is world renown as the birthplace of Dame Edna Everage aka Barry Humphries - what has this got to do with energy savings?

          Well then...Moonee Ponds is the location of the main council chambers and where City of Moonee Valley maintenance staff have been busily reducing energy consumption using Save It Easy®. Facility Maintenance staff advised "...we found out about the product and wanted to try it as it used our existing fittings - that was a big plus for us". What attracted them to Save It Easy was the "...ease of use..." and "...it complied with Council's policy of waste minimisation and energy reduction".

See our Photo Gallery for more

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Feb 2008


ecoBright® & Chisholm Institute energy reduction partners!


In February 2008, Chisholm Institute staff met with consultant Kent Hutchins and ecoBright's Joe Trimboli to investigate how they could save energy and upgrade to modern T5 technology lighting at a fraction of the cost they had been quoted by Lighting Consultants.

Following the presentation Chisholm Institute's Property and Environmental Services Officer James Keenan oversaw the rollout of "quite a number" of T5 lamps upgraded using ecoBright's T5 adaptor.

See our Photo Gallery for more

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Bendigo Health continues to invest in ecoBright's T5 adaptor -Save It Easy®


The maintenance staff at Bendigo Health have a keen eye for value and performance especially when it comes to saving money and saving energy. That's why they continue to use ecoBright's T5 adaptor Save It Easy® and ecoBright's energy controller Light Eco® Plus as an integral part of their energy saving strategies for lighting.

          Staff in the maintenance and engineering section at the hospital were asked why they used our products and replied "...we continue to use ecoBright's T5 adaptor because we know it delivers the savings the boys from ecoBright claim - we've measured the savings for ourselves and we are satisfied with the results - we even had to remove lamps because the people working in the areas claimed they were too bright!"

"We appreciate their quick responses to any request and their friendly customer service...they do what they say they will do".

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Village Green and ecoBright® partners in energy saving


When Doug Smith CEO and Managing Director of Village Green contacted ecoBright® to tell us about his new office, it was no surprise when he then asked about the possibility of using ecoBright's T5 adaptor Save It Easy® to help him significantly reduce the cost of lighting at his new premises.

          Not only were we happy to oblige, but ecoBright® Directors Terry Kanellos and Joe Trimboli spent a lazy Sunday afternoon with Doug and the team upgrading his existing T8 36W luminaires to new technology electronic T5 lighting using ecoBright's product...and the result, just marvellous!

Read the whole story here


Jan 2008


Going Solar & Environment Victoria upgrade their customers to better lighting using the ecoBright® T5 adaptor


Going Solar continue to recommend ecoBright's T5 adaptor Save It Easy® where customers are looking for quick and easy energy savings with proven technology at a cost effective price. Save It Easy® is one of Going Solar's tools in their reliable suite of energy saving strategies.

Environment Victoria's "Nha Dep" or beautiful homes program and its Green Business Program involved members of Melbourne's Vietnamese community and Vietnamese owned businesses that participated in a program to improve water and energy efficiency. Kim Thien Truong a Community Liaison Officer with Environment Victoria's Nha Dep program had been previously recognised for her efforts in helping to create a more sustainable world through education and involvement in her own community by winning the 2005 Pride of Australia Fair Go award see here for more information. Kim also won recognition for promoting water saving ideas through the Save Water Alliance and savewater.com.au website.

          Going Solar's reputation in the marketplace as a trusted and informed ESD (Ecological Sustainable Development) Consultant means their customers can be assured that they are being given good advice by a company that has access to world class energy saving technology.

Read the whole story here

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CB Richard Ellis put the ecoBright® T5 adaptor through its paces!


CB Richard Ellis's (CBRE) Canberra office were intrigued when they first saw ecoBright's T5 adaptor Save It Easy® after a referral from a colleague at their Perth office. Mr Kip Tanner an Environmental Engineer at CBRE in Canberra completed some measurements that showed a saving of 43% when compared against the electromagnetically ballasted 2 x 36W fluorescent lamp fittings at CBRE's office.

          ecoBright's T5 adaptor Save It Easy®, showed it saved 43% energy consumed by comparison, with a payback of 2 years. Unlike the competitor product however the ecoBright® product does not under-power the electronic T5 lamp and would be the better choice of adaptor to ensure longer maintenance free periods.

Read the whole story here


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