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News 2007

ecoBright® highlights for 2007!

Customer references for individual news items are available - please ask your ecoBright® contact for details.

December 2007

ecoBright® energy solutions are now the proud Sponsors of the  Melbourne Junior Tigers!

In December 2007, ecoBright® energy solutions became proud sponsors of the Melbourne Junior Basketball Club. The Melbourne "Tigers" Junior Basketball Club has been operating for more than 75 years and its sole purpose is to promote the sport of basketball. Currently they have approximately 400 players both male and female and promote their health in a club environment.

          ecoBright® energy solutions saw an opportunity to sponsor this club and promote the energy saving aspirations of this generation of consumers to a future generation - children who will one day take up responsibility for the world's health by inheriting it from us.

          We are very proud to be sponsoring The Melbourne "Tigers" Junior Basketball Club and wish them every success both on and off the court!

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November 2007

Monash University implements Save It Easy® solution

The Facilities people at Monash University had just embarked on an energy saving program when ecoBright® energy solutions first established contact with them. After one meeting, where we demonstrated the simple and straightforward way in which Save It Easy® saves power used by fluorescent lamps, the Monash team invested in a  number of devices which they installed throughout their Clayton campus.

          The most notable installation was in the campus Library where 90x58W T8 electromagnetically ballasted lamps were replaced with 80x35W electronic T5 lamps fitted with Save It Easy® T5 retrofit adaptor kits. The savings on lamp wattage alone was 39.6% - way over our 25% minimum savings guarantee - but throw in the delamping and reduction through the magnetic ballast  - and savings over 45% were being observed.

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Tasmanian Greens install Save It Easy® in "Green Shop" Hobart

As a political party committed to improving the environment, the Tasmanian Greens saw Save It Easy® T5 retrofit adaptors as an ideal way to improve their existing lighting, reduce their energy costs and reduce their greenhouse gas emissions.

          The party's "Green Shop" in Hobart installed a number of devices and de-lamped, demonstrating their commitment to action when it comes to greenhouse gas abatement.

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Greenhouse Challenge Plus conference showcases Save It Easy® and  QENOS takes up the offer!

When QENOS visited the Greenhouse Challenge Plus conference in Canberra in September 2007, they were interested to see the Save It Easy® solution being demonstrated at the Ilum-a-lite stand. The ease of fit and simple yet effective method by which Save It Easy® reduced energy consumed for fluorescent lamps by upgrading to electronic T5 lamps captured their interest and ensured a meeting following the conference.

          At that meeting, QENOS purchased over 100 Save It Easy® T5 adaptors and the same number of GE Starcoat® T5 electronic lamps for a pilot installation at their Altona plant....stay tuned for the case study.

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October 2007

ecoBright® hosts inaugural Facilities Management Association of  Australia meeting in Hobart, Tasmania

The Facilities Management Association of Australia is a national body which has as its mission to "...inspire, shape and influence the FM industry and at every opportunity promote and represent the interests of Facility Managers nationally and internationally". The Victorian branch of the FMA recently extended a helping hand to their Tasmanian colleagues to explore the possibility of starting up a local FMA branch in Hobart.

           ecoBright® was there sponsoring the inaugural lunch and securing Tony Van de Vusse Director Energy Planning & Conservation, from the Department of Infrastructure, Energy & Resources Tasmania as our guest speaker at the Mercure in Hobart. His presentation on Climate Change and discussion on related issues peaked the interest of those attending and helped put into context, the challenges faced.


Tasmanian Senator Christine Milne also attended and was agreeable to address the audience with her own view on the challenges faced and priorities as she saw them. A staunch supporter of Sustainable Development, Senator Milne was uncompromising in her support of greenhouse gas reduction programmes and energy saving strategies for Australian businesses and households.


The success of the luncheon was evident with some attendees joining the FMA. ecoBright® would like to thank key note presenter Tony Van de Vusse, guest speaker Tasmanian Senator Christine Milne, staff and management of the Mercure Hobart hotel, all those who attended and the staff and management of Facilities Management Association Australia for giving us the opportunity to sponsor such an important event for Facility Managers in Tasmania; we trust this will be the first of many such events!

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Ford Motor Company saving energy & money with Light Eco®

The Ford Motor Company's engine assembly plant in Geelong, Victoria installed a number of Light Eco® units in the administration offices of the plant following a presentation and proposal by ecoBright Directors,        Terry Kanellos and Joe Trimboli. Ford's management expressed a "keen desire" to accelerate their greenhouse gas abatement program at the Geelong plant, whilst equally reducing its energy expenditure.

          Light Eco® our flagship voltage reduction energy saving unit was the obvious choice for Ford, as the office area was typically lit for an average of 12 hours each day and being T8 lamps, had a lamp maintenance program in place which ensured lamps were continually renewed and lux levels well over the current minimum office standard of 320LX.

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Salvation Army Westcare reducing greenhouse gases with         Save It Easy®

The Salvation Army's Westcare Network is a major provider of placement and support services for children and young people in the Northern and Western Region of Melbourne. In October 2007, the Westcare Centre in Devonshire Road Sunshine began an energy saving program where a pilot number of T8 electromagnetically ballasted fittings were retrofitted with Save It Easy® inline T5 adaptors and electronic T5 lamps.

          As a pilot installation and evaluation process, it was deemed that the number of Save It Easy® T5 adaptors and lamps installed would be sufficient to enable Westcare staff to evaluate the quality and versatility of T5 lighting in their premises over their working hours. Once the evaluation has concluded more information on this installation will follow.

See our photo gallery for more

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Willow Ware Australia upgrades their lighting the Save It Easy® way


Willow Ware Australia picked up on the Save It Easy® solution whilst at the Greenhouse Challenge Plus - where Ilum-a-lite's stand was demonstrating the ease at which T8 fittings could be upgraded to take T5 lamps simply by changing the old T8 lamp to a new electronic T5 lamp fitted with             Save It Easy®.

          ecoBright® was keen to work in with Willow Ware's constraints and a pilot installation of Save It Easy® T5 retrofit adaptors and lamps were installed with the pilot evaluation extending into 2008.

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Save It Easy® makes it easy for Going Solar to upgrade customer lighting to electronic T5 lamps


Going Solar is an ESD (Ecological Sustainable Development) consultant based in Melbourne - but with a Case Study portfolio that shows not only a national but also an international reach. During October 2007, Going Solar completed consulting work which saw a number of Save It Easy® T5 retrofit adaptors used to upgrade their customer's lighting to more efficient GE Starcoat® T5 electronic lamps.

          Going Solar are now routinely recommending and fitting Save It Easy® and the savings are being achieved to the delight of their customers.

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Kevin Sheehan Property upgrades Hawthorn Office lighting with Save It Easy®


In somewhat of a first for ecoBright® energy solutions, we were approached by Kevin Sheehan Property Group, a Real Estate company that manages property in Melbourne who wanted to upgrade the lighting without "costing the earth"...well we could certainly help them with that!

          The office building is located in Burwood Road Hawthorn, 7 minutes from the city and having been built in the early seventies, had the usual T8 magnetically ballasted 36Watt lamps with varying light levels throughout. We installed over 100 electronic T5 lamps using our Save It Easy® T5 retrofit adaptors - and the building tenants were quite pleased at the improved lighting levels whilst saving over 25% energy!

See our photo gallery for more

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September 2007


Building owner saves energy & greenhouse gases by installing both Light Eco® & Save It Easy® in iconic Melbourne Building


The Riverside Quay Complex at 2 Southbank Boulevard Southbank is a modern commercial office complex built as three separate buildings with spaces for 164 vehicles in basement carparks. Additionally, a separate building at the rear of the complex adds an additional 560 vehicle spaces - in all the complex has 3 carparks.  Valued at over $100M, it boasts tenants such as Telstra and URS Australia.

          An intrepid young electrical company named LGP Electrical managed by Leigh Phillips, worked with the building owner's management team and ecoBright® energy solutions to install Light Eco® in all carparks achieving outstanding results. They then turned their attention to a floor being reconditioned and upgraded the lighting to electronic T5 lamps using our Save It Easy® T5 retrofit adaptors...and we used it as a photo opportunity!

See our photo gallery for more

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August 2007


Hobart Mercury first in News Limited Group to use Save It Easy®


In May 2007, Rupert Murdoch announced that New Limited would become a carbon neutral business globally. In July 2007 John Hartigan, Chairman & Chief Executive of News Limited in Australia delivered a speech on Climate Change where he outlined what the Australian business was doing as part of this initiative.

          It was against this background that the Hobart Mercury recognised the value of upgrading its office lighting to T5 lamps fitted with our Save It Easy® T5 retrofit adaptors. Part of an ongoing energy efficiency & reduction project, the Hobart Mercury is the first in the News Limited Group of companies to employ Save It Easy® as part of its energy saving program...we're certain it won't be the last!

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Save It Easy® installed in Head Office carpark at Hydro Tasmania


Hydro Tasmania continued their energy saving efforts by upgrading their basement carpark lighting to T5 lamps using Save It Easy® T5 retrofit adaptors to complete the upgrade of 100 lamps in one afternoon. The quality of lighting in the carpark area has significantly improved - with substantial savings exceeding the 25% minimum savings guarantee included.

See our photo gallery for more

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July 2007


Dept of Human Services Victoria upgrades lighting and saves energy with Save It Easy®


Lamps at the offices of the Victorian Government's Department of Human Services at 71 Moreland Street Footscray, will be brighter for longer and save at least 25% of the energy used by the previous lamps, thanks to a decision to upgrade to electronic T5 lamps fitted with our Save It Easy® T5 retrofit adaptors.

See our photo gallery for more

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June 2007


City of Stonnington buys Save It Easy® & displays energy saving strategies


The City of Stonnington was quite keen to try our T5 retrofit upgrade adaptor Save It Easy® throughout the council's offices, after being referred to us by leading Melbourne energy consultants Genesisnow.

          John Wisniewski Sustainable Environment Coordinator for the City of Stonnington, had purchased some of our competitor's devices and they abruptly stopped functioning! ecoBright's Joe Trimboli & Terry Kanellos attended a Climate Change Seminar held at the City Offices in Malvern where many of the council's initiatives were outlined and discussed with interested community members.

          John subsequently ordered a number of Save It Easy® adaptors and lamps as a pilot installation and we're monitoring the results.

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University of Melbourne takes Save It Easy® through its paces!


The University of Melbourne had heard of Save It Easy® and ecoBright® attended a meeting at which we agreed conditions for a pilot test installation of Save It Easy® in the University of Melbourne's own electrical testing facility at their Carlton campus.

          In what was a private University test - Save It Easy® demonstrated the characteristics that make it the premium inline T5 electronic ballast for linear fluorescent T5 lamps: easy to install and a minimum of 25% savings. Following the trial, the university made a purchase and we're monitoring the results of the Save It Easy® adaptors installed.

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May 2007


Hobart's Salamanca Square Car Park installs Light Eco®


Hobart City Council owns and operates the Salamanca Square Car Park located in downtown Hobart accessed via Montpelier Retreat at Battery Point - the car park consists of two levels.

          In May 2007, the council met with ecoBright® to consider the merits of installing Light Eco® - Ilum-A-Lite's patented voltage reduction unit. With a written guarantee of a minimum of 25% savings on energy consumption and the confidence of a 3 year no hassle replacement warranty - they proceeded with the installation and recorded significant savings.

See our photo gallery for more

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April 2007


Moonee Valley Council committed to greenhouse gas reduction and energy savings with Save It Easy®


The City of Moonee Valley incorporates a number of suburbs in the North West of Melbourne in the state of Victoria and has over 110,000 people living within its boundaries. There are over 45,000 households covering a variety of building styles with the City of Moonee Valley managing 200 of its own buildings.

          In April 2007, the City of Moonee Valley met with ecoBright® to confirm the installation of a trial number of Save It Easy® adaptors with 5 foot (1449mm) fluorescent tube lamps for the Reception Area of the Moonee Ponds Civic Centre at 9 Kellaway Avenue Moonee Ponds...and staff showed their approval!

See our photo gallery for more

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March 2007


Hydro Tasmania's Hands On Energy Centre installs Save It Easy®


Hydro Tasmania's Hands On Energy Centre installs Save It Easy® in energy display.  The people at Hands On Energy Centre agreed to install our T5 adaptor Save It Easy® into a lighting display at the centre - just as a trial to test the savings theory. The display enables visitors to view the effects of different lighting on both the light output and the energy consumed - highlighting the efficiency of different lighting in action.

          When they plugged in Save It Easy® they couldn't believe the savings they saw - and we were there to capture it on film!

See our photo gallery for more


St George's Anglican Church upgrades lighting with Save It Easy®


St George's Anglican Church at 46 Warncliff Road in East Ivanhoe Victoria, decided to contact Melbourne Electrical Services to upgrade their lighting to electronic T5 lamps. Initially, they worked on the prospect of having to remove their old T8 fittings to upgrade to T5 lamps.

         After a little divine intervention in the form of Joe Saita the manager at Melbourne Electrical Services, St George's Anglican church saw the light and placed an order for our T5 retrofit upgrade adaptor Save It Easy® to be used in the lighting upgrade.  The pictures say it all!

See our photo gallery for more

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TAFE Tasmania Devonport takes Save It Easy® on board!


When TAFE Tasmania's Devonport campus said they wanted to install our T5 retrofit upgrade adaptor Save It Easy® we didn't think they meant it so soon after our first meeting!

          Tasmanian TAFE Devonport's Facility Manager Jason Bell wanted to see for himself just how simple it was to fit Save It Easy® so after an initial visit, Terry Kanellos returned with some adaptors and lamps - Jason and Joe celebrated - and Terry took a picture. Then Jason fitted the adaptors and Terry took a few more pictures!!

See our photo gallery for more


Gateway Quality Hotel in Devonport tries the Save It Easy® solution!


Gateway Quality Hotel in Devonport installed Save It Easy® in a single fitting to replace a linear fluorescent lamp which wasn't working whilst the boys from ecoBright® stayed overnight. "We happened to have had stock of both T5 lamps and Save-It-Easy adaptors with us as we took the ferry over Bass straight to Tasmania and we were able to offer Gateway Devonport a great deal on a single fitting" Terry Kanellos said.

          The Hotel installed our T5 retrofit upgrade adaptor Save It Easy® and we'll be back soon to check and see how it's going - and maybe upgrade the rest of the hotel!

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Feb 2007


Tasmania embraces Save It Easy® & State Government leads the way!


The Tasmanian Department of Infrastructure, Energy & Resources invested in the T5 retrofit upgrade adaptor Save It Easy® following an ecoBright® promotion in that state.

          The Tasmanian State Government department is responsible for the promotion of energy saving ideas and put "it's money where it's mouth is" by retrofitting a number of fittings in pilot installation following a meeting with ecoBright®.

See our Photo Gallery for more

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Village Green & Globebusters use Save It Easy® in Adelaide South Australia


Village Green is a multi-disciplined consulting house, specialising in sustainable business management and change processes for the small business and retail sectors.

          Globebusters is a company that services over 700 businesses by replacing lamps and maintaining lights in a serviceable condition - taking the hassle out of lighting and are based in South Australia. In February 2007 Village Green and Globebusters partnered to service a group of small businesses participating in the City of Unley's Sustainable Business Communities Program - a first in South Australia.

Read the whole story here


Jan 2007


Victoria University adopts the Save It Easy® solution!


Victoria University's Footscray Park Campus begins a significant program of lighting upgrades to T5 electronic fluorescent lamp technology using our patented T5 electronic ballast adaptor Save It Easy® - which sees the program extended to three other campuses and over 9,500 Save It Easy® inline T5 adaptors purchased.

Read the Case Study here

See our Photo Gallery for more


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